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What I Learned This Week: How To Get Up Early

This page has lots of good tips on how to become more productive.  I like “real work, no email” best.  I try hard to write before getting distracted by the time suck that is Facebook.  I need to learn to “eat the frog”.  Just get it over with!

sku_rejigger_classickitI would like to be better at waking up early.  When I worked at the hotel I had to be there at 6:30 am.  Now I have terrible sleeping habits.  I dont sleep much.  I do look forward to breakfast most days!

cmdI love  “Command-line radio for computer geeks.”  I just found it but it is so entertaining!  I changed my layout to galactic.  Cause, duh, galactic is awesome.

catable-shared-table-for-catsand-people-1Maybe if I had one of these desks my cat would leave me alone.  Nah I doubt it.

CL0030240LThis weeks dress is this adorable bird dress.  

Since buying my standing desk I am extra excited about them.  I am in need of a bar stool to help me adjust but this locus seat would be amazing.  I really enjoyed reading Cia’s adventure in a Year at a Standing Desk.

Last but certainly not least.  500+ camping recipes!  I can not wait to go camping this summer!

What did you learn this week?

Dreaming: Future Bedroom


I have been dreaming of redecorating my room.  I made the above color palette.  (It was sooooo much fun, expect more!)  I already have the sheets.  I am becoming a big fan of gold.  I would love to spray paint a bunch of little animals and sharks and scatter them around.  My room had wood paneling…  Yeah it is a very 60’s house.  I would like all large furniture to be dark wood.  What I really need is better storage.  It also needs to be a place that inspires.  It is the only room in the house that is mine so I really need to make something of it.

List of needs

  • Storage, storage, storage, STORAGE!
  • Beauty
  • Peace/Calm
  • Inspiration
  • Fun

Some of my needs are kind of opposites.  Calm and peace with inspiration.  I have different areas for working and sleeping.  I need the sleeping area calm and cozy and the working area to be inspiring.

I have always wanted a loft bed.  Some are cooler than others but I dont want to build one.  Well build one out of wood and nails with saws and hammers.  I like the idea of making one out of bookcases.


I like the one above but I would use Kallax Shelving Unit so I could have double the space.  I really wanted a Exepdit but they are discontinued…  They are a bit thicker which would make the bed more sturdy.  Instead of records I would use boxes to keep odds and ends.


Next I want a row of 3 vintage dressers that have been painted with chalkboard paint. I would keep clothing and craft supplies in them.  On top I would like to make cool displays for jewelry.


The working area will have the new standing desk I just got.  I need to spray paint it and move the shelves around.  I look smarter already.

empty frame[3]IMG_0293


Behind the desk will be places for inspiration.  I have had some clipboards up on the wall for a long time that I have been using for my goals and intentions.  I would love to string some wire for images that motivate me.  Art would also be a welcome addition.


I love plants.  I really love hanging plants.  I really want to learn how to do these bonsai hanging string gardens.  I love how natural they look.  Maybe a few in pots too.

I feel like this a pretty good start to my dream room.  I will be continuing to pin more ideas if you want to follow along.  The only thing my room is missing is…

What is in your dream room?  Also this my second post on WordPress, what do you think?