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What I Learned This Week: How To Get Up Early

This page has lots of good tips on how to become more productive.  I like “real work, no email” best.  I try hard to write before getting distracted by the time suck that is Facebook.  I need to learn to “eat the frog”.  Just get it over with!

sku_rejigger_classickitI would like to be better at waking up early.  When I worked at the hotel I had to be there at 6:30 am.  Now I have terrible sleeping habits.  I dont sleep much.  I do look forward to breakfast most days!

cmdI love  “Command-line radio for computer geeks.”  I just found it but it is so entertaining!  I changed my layout to galactic.  Cause, duh, galactic is awesome.

catable-shared-table-for-catsand-people-1Maybe if I had one of these desks my cat would leave me alone.  Nah I doubt it.

CL0030240LThis weeks dress is this adorable bird dress.  

Since buying my standing desk I am extra excited about them.  I am in need of a bar stool to help me adjust but this locus seat would be amazing.  I really enjoyed reading Cia’s adventure in a Year at a Standing Desk.

Last but certainly not least.  500+ camping recipes!  I can not wait to go camping this summer!

What did you learn this week?